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The Turkey Tribunal in collaboration with the International Observatory of Human Rights will be hosting its fourth webinar to discuss the Tribunal’s latest report on the State of Press Freedom in Turkey Today.
Full panel:
1. Philippe Leruth (1:50​)
1. Prof. Dr. Baskın Oran (13:37​)
2. Yavuz Baydar Editor in Chief of Ahval (24:32​)
3. Selçuk Gültaşlı, Brussels bureau chief of the Turkish newspaper Zaman (53:04​)

Our speakers that include the authors of the report, real witnesses, journalists, and human rights experts will be discussing the finding of the report that answer 2 fundamental questions:

1. Can #Turkey​ currently be considered a country within which a sufficient degree of freedom of the press and freedom of expression is guaranteed, so it can follow the standards
of a functioning democracy?

2. Can the decisions taken by the #Turkish​ government still be considered a reaction linked to the “coup d’état” or do they need to be evaluated as a way to “destroy” the voices and/or organisations critical of the government?

Join us for the fourth of a series of webinars discussing Turkey’s human rights challenges.


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