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Topic: The State of Abductions in Turkey Today
Date: December 16
Time: 14.00 (Brussels) 13.00 (London) 16.00 (Ankara) 08.00 (New York)

Speakers in this webinar:
Moderator: Prof. Dr. Em. Johan Vande Lanotte, Turkey Tribunal founder
1. Lawyer Johan Heymans, Turkey Tribunal rapporteur (1:20​)
2. Emma Sinclair-Webb, HRW Turkey Director (19:10​)
3. Lawyer and Human Rights Defender Eren Keskin, IHD co-chairperson (38:58​)
4. Mustafa Tunc, father of Yusuf Bilge Tunc (victim of a recent abduction case who is still missing) (57:43​)

The Turkey Tribunal in collaboration with the International Observatory of Human Rights will be hosting its second webinar to discuss the Tribunal’s latest report on the State of Abduction in Turkey Today.
Our speakers that include the authors of the report, real witnesses, legal and human rights experts will be discussing the finding of the report that answer 3 fundamental questions:

1. Is Turkey responsible for the internal abduction of its opponents?
2. Is Turkey responsible for the extraterritorial abduction of its opponents?
3. Does Turkey effectively investigate complaints and allegations of enforced disappearances and unlawful abduction?

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