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Date: 09.07.2021

  • Turkey Tribunal to launch a new report on “crimes against humanity” to further investigate the role of the Turkish government in the abduction of Turkish-Kyrgyz educator Orhan Inandi
  • The Turkey Tribunal confirmed that verdict will be announced in Geneva during a hearing session organized between 20th– 25th of September

The initiators of the Turkey Tribunal, Prof. Em. Dr Johan Vande Lanotte and Johan Heymans, both lawyers, will investigate in a specific report whether President Erdogan’s Turkish regime is guilty of crimes against humanity. This report will be submitted to the Turkey Tribunal. The Turkey Tribunal takes place in Geneva, from 20 September till 24 September. If the Tribunal judges rule that the abductions and torturing must be seen as “Crimes against Humanity”, both authors of the report will go to the International Criminal Court in The Hague in the autumn.

“After yet another brutal kidnapping by the Turkish Intelligence Services in Kyrgyzstan, we owe it to ourselves to do so,” says Prof. Em. Dr Johan Vande Lanotte.

The main trigger for launching this latest report, is the brutal abduction by the Turkish regime of education specialist Orhan Inandi, on 1 June in Kyrgyzstan. On the evening of May 31, 53-year-old Orhan Inandi, founder and chairman of the board of Sapat Educational Institutions, a large network of prestigious schools and an international university in Kyrgyzstan, was declared missing after failing to return to his home in the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan later confirmed on July 5 that Turkish intelligence agents had abducted Turkish-Kyrgyz educator Orhan Inandi, whom the Turkish government accuses of links to the Gulen movement, which it sees as a terrorist organisation responsible for orchestrating the failed coup attempt in 2016.

The Turkey Tribunal was founded in 2020 to investigate the increasing number of human rights abuses committed by the Turkish government in recent years. The Turkey Tribunal has announced that a tribunal will be held between 20 and 25 September in Geneva, with the objective of investigating reports concerning torture, abductions, freedom of the press, the independence of the judiciary and the immunity of those who violate human rights in Turkey.

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Johan Vande Lanotte said “The shocking story of Inandi and the harshness of the images clearly showing that the man not only was abducted to Ankara and tortured, confirms our opinion that the continuing, brutal violations of Human Rights cannot go unpunished. We will submit our report to the Tribunal. Should the Tribunal find that Erdogan’s regime is committing crimes against humanity, we will go to the International Criminal Court. We know that Turkey is not a party of the Rome Statute, instituting the International Criminal Court, but crimes committed outside the territory are part of the competence of the ICC”

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