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Who are the rapporteurs? *

Report on torture*

Eric Sottas – Switzerland:

  • 1980-1985: Advisor to the Secretary-General UNCTAD

  • 1995-2010: Secretary General of the World Organisation
    Against Torture

  • 1986: French prize for human rights

* The torture report will be made with the support of Prof. Dr. Johan Vande Lanotte (University of Ghent).

Question 1
Can we see a pattern in the facts underlying the (torture) testimonies? What groups are targeted and why? What is the motivation, and what is the highest level of state involvement?
Question 2
Do the testimonies about torture allow us to conclude that there is a systematic and organized use of torture in Turkey ?
Report on impunity*

Prof. Dr. Yves Haeck – Belgium

  • 2010 – present : Professor of Human Rights at the University of Ghent
  • Co-founder of the Centre for Human Rights of Ghent University
  • 2007 – today: Editor in Chief of the Inter-American and European Human Rights Journal

Drs. Emre Turkut – Turkey

  • 2019- present: Visiting Fellow at Hertie School of Governance, Germany
  • 2014- 2016: Research/Teaching Assistant at Turgut Özal University Law School, Ankara, Turkey
  • 2018- 2019: Research Fellow at Uppsala University Law School, Sweden

* The report Impunity will be co-authored by Prof. Dr. Yves Haeck and Drs. Emre Turkut.

Question 3
Is there an internal system of preventing and monitoring torture or mistreatment, and if yes, how does it function in reality?
Question 4
Is there an efficient system of sanctioning possible mistreatment or torture? Or can we speak of an organized impunity towards mistreatment and torture against people hold in detention?
Report on legal aid*

Lawyers Collective – Turkey

* The legal aid report will be made by a group of lawyers who want to keep their anonymity for security reasons. The organizing committee will ask a reputable and independent person to function as a auditor and visit these lawyers and discuss in depth with them, and then if all the conditions are fulfilled, this judge will certify the report.

Question 5
Can we evaluate the situation of lawyers in Turkey and their relationship with their clients and the way they can organize the defense as guaranteeing the principle of a fair trial in accordance with the international standards?
Report about medical assistance for people whose freedom is stolen

The rapporteur is to be appointed and announced soon.

Question 6
Is the level of medical care, the medical staffing, the procedures to assure a timely reaction and the possibilities to rely on specialized services if needed, in the Turkish prisons and other places where people are kept in custody, in accordance with what is needed to preserve their right to health in conformity with the internationally recognized standards ?
Question 7
What are the guarantees ( de jure and de facto ) that the medical staff will be able to examine and independently report any mistreatment and/or torture on persons hold in prison or in any other form of custody?
Report on enforced disappearances*

Johan Heymans – Belgium

Ankara Bar Association – Turkey

*This report will be written by Johan Heymans. He will use, amongst others, the published report of the human rights center of Ankara Bar.

Question 8
Can we, taken in account the reports and the testimonies produced before the tribunal, conclude that abductions again are a part of the action of the state towards opposing persons and that no serious inquiry is organized about these facts ?
Report on freedom of expression and freedom of the press

Philippe Leruth – Belgium

  • 1995-2005: Chairman of the General Association of Professional Journalists of Belgium and then Chairman of the Association des journalistes professionnels.
  • 2004-2013: Vice-President of the European Federation of Journalists
  • 2016-2019: President of the International Federation of Journalists
Question 9
Can Turkey at this stage be considered as a country within which a sufficient degree of freedom of the press and freedom of expression is guaranteed, so it can be in compliance with the standards of a good functioning democracy?
Question 10
Can the decisions taken by the Turkish government (still) be considered as a reaction linked to the “ coup d’etat” or need they to be evaluated as a way to “destroy” the voices and/or organizations critical towards the government in Turkey.
Please note
* Please note that all Turkey Tribunal steering committee members, judges, rapporteurs, witnesses participate in Turkey Tribunal on voluntary basis, and no one of them will be paid for their contributions to the tribunal. All the proceeds raised through our fundraising will go to logistics, accommodation, venue for the tribunal and such costs during the tribunal hearings in Geneva in September 2020.