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Question 1
Can we see a pattern in the facts underlying the (torture) testimonies? What groups are targeted and why? What is the motivation, and what is the highest level of state involvement?
Question 2
Do the testimonies about torture allow us to conclude that there is a systematic and organized use of torture in Turkey ?
Question 3
Is there an internal system of preventing and monitoring torture or mistreatment, and if yes, how does it function in reality?
Question 4
Is there an efficient system of sanctioning possible mistreatment or torture? Or can we speak of an organized impunity towards mistreatment and torture against people hold in detention?
Question 5
Can we evaluate the judiciary system of Turkey as corresponding to internationally protected standards of independence and impartiality?
Question 6
Can we evaluate the judicial system of Turkey as ensuring full access to justice and effective judicial protection in case of human rights violations?
Question 7
Can we, taken in account the reports and the testimonies produced before the tribunal, conclude that abductions again are a part of the action of the state towards opposing persons and that no serious inquiry is organized about these facts ?
Question 8
Can Turkey at this stage be considered as a country within which a sufficient degree of freedom of the press and freedom of expression is guaranteed, so it can be in compliance with the standards of a good functioning democracy?
Question 9
Can the decisions taken by the Turkish government (still) be considered as a reaction linked to the “ coup d’etat” or need they to be evaluated as a way to “destroy” the voices and/or organizations critical towards the government in Turkey.