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  • Despite our first announcement that the Tribunal would be held between September 21 and 25, the assembly of the Turkey Tribunal in Geneva will be rescheduled from 21-25th September until late autumn due to current coronavirus travel restrictions. However, The Turkey Tribunal will announce the launch of a series of reports on the state of Turkish human rights beginning with “Torture in Turkey Today” from August 20, 2020. You can find the reports here.
  • During the first four days, a report will be presented and questions will be put to the members of the tribunal. Witnesses will also be heard. The Turkish government will be given the opportunity to answer for itself.
  • The reports will be published on the website a few weeks before the tribunal starts. A short video will summarise the reports and be placed on the website.
  • The hearings of the tribunal will be streamed live, afterwards short videos will be made to summarize the hearings. These videos will be placed on the website.
  • On the last day of the tribunal, the tribunal will announce its verdict. This will also be published on the website.