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Isa Antepli speaks up for #humanrights | #SpeakUpForHumanRights / #InsanHaklariAdinaSesVer #SpeakUpForHumanRights #HumanRights abuses are happening every day in #Turkey.

Here are a few of those who speak up against these violations:
Isa Antepli, former school principal: His passport was revoked arbitrarily by Turkish authorities, faced abduction in Cambodia. But he refused to be silenced!
If you are victim of or witness to torture, enforced disappearance, abduction in Turkey, share your story with us. Speak up! Make your voice heard!
So we can raise awareness about these abuses, help end them.

Send your story to by email. Be a part of the Turkey Tribunal.

To be continued…

The Voices

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