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How is the Turkey Tribunal financed?*

Turkey Tribunal is a not-for-profit organization (vzw) registered in Belgium. The financing of the Turkey Tribunal is managed through crowdfunding on various platforms including our own website. From each person or company or institution that wants to contribute, a maximum of 10 000 Euro will be asked with no minimum limit.

€ 149.202,14

By the donations of our 331 donors, € 149.202,14 raised of € 200.000 goal (as of 28/09/2021) via

  1. direct deposits into our account
  2. PayPal and credit card
  3. GOFUNDME campaign

Donate via IBAN:

Turkey Tribunal NPA
IBAN: BE70 3632 0131 2325
Bank: ING Belgium

Donate online via:

Please note
* Please note that all Turkey Tribunal steering committee members, judges, rapporteurs, witnesses participate in Turkey Tribunal on voluntary basis, and no one of them will be paid for their contributions to the tribunal. All the proceeds raised through our fundraising will go to logistics, accommodation, venue for the tribunal and such costs during the tribunal hearings in Geneva in September 2021. Following the hearings in Geneva, the remaining funds will be directed to the financing of International Criminal Court application by our team of experts.