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Judicial Independence & Access to Justice

This last report of the Turkey Tribunal displays facts, and especially actions by public authorities, occurred in Turkey since 2010 and which relate to the role of the Turkish Judiciary and the abrupt changes…

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Press Freedom in Turkey

Press freedom is under immense pressure in Turkey. Too many journalists have already faced long convictions for the content of critical articles. The legal framework that has been put in place is imprecise and…

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Impunity in Turkey Today

This report addresses the persistent problem of impunity in Turkey in respect of serious human rights violations committed by state officials. More particularly, it aims to provide answers to two overarching questions: I. Is there…

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REPORT: Abductions in Turkey Today

BY JOHAN HEYMANS This report aims to provide an  answer to the key questions addressed to the Turkey Tribunal about abductions. These questions are: can  we, taken  in  account the reports and  the testimonies produced…

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